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About Chatterbox

Chatterbox Media came to life after years of watching small-business owner’s work hard to manage their every-day operations while struggling to keep up with the latest trends of online marketing. We found these companies didn’t have the hours in the day to commit to social media, nor dollars in the budget to pay for someone to come on staff, full time.

  • Our Customers- Our utmost concern is to be a customer-centered organization. Our goal is to be approachable, dependable and kind- not only as we represent you online, but also as we help you navigate the ever-changing online world.
  • Affordable Prices- While we continue to grow and work with larger organizations, we will always provide packages at a price point that make sense for all business owners.
  • To Become Your Voice- Every company has its own culture, tone and set of philosophies. It’s a very important part of business and becomes even more so when you start communicating with the world through social media. We make it our job to learn who you are and about the environment of your workplace so that when we represent you online, it is your voice that your community hears, not ours.
  • To Be Awesome Team Members- We know that social media works best when it’s a joint effort between us and the companies we work with. We are committed to blending with your team and working together with you and your employees. Our intention is for the people we work with to feel like they know us personally and like we are truly part of their business- it’s the only way we believe awesomeness can really happen!
  • To Be Dependable- Every package at Chatterbox Media includes a dedicated manager to work with. However, through experience we’ve learned that some of the greatest ideas come through collaboration and also that it helps to have other team members on board and aware of each other’s clients and our various online strategies just in case (yep, sometimes the flu happens to us too). This way you can rest assured that you’ll always be covered and have the best ideas coming your way!
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